Sunday, April 22, 2012

Molly's surprises

 Molly has been getting spoiled! She has been getting new clothes from etsy. She had one outfit that hasn't made it yet, the package showed up like this. They are sending us another.
 She got a new doll house from etsy as well.
She loves being cozy on her bed with her doll Jane.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Im back at it again

Okay this was the last American Girl experience I had before I completely stop having anything to do with American girl. I'm not sure what happen except I think I crashed and burned. I got rid of all my doll stuff except my girls themselves- just couldn't do it. I find myself quietly looking thru the website American Girl again. And told my husband I wanted to collect but this time for one doll only. I have eight in total and it was way too much trying to collect for all of them It took me some time to figure out who would it be. But I figure I didn't want to purchase something I already had and gave away. So Molly and Emily where my last purchases but my husband bought me Molly for a Christmas gift last year. The only doll he willingly gave to me so she was the one. I hope to go slowly and pace myself.